House in Hayes Barton  Oil on Canvas 36x28

English Country House  Oil on Canvas 30x24  framed

Rainy Day on the Beltline  Oil on Canvas 36x28

Guardians  Oil on Canvas 48x36

Burbon St and St Anne  Oil on Canvas 30x26-SOLD

Gathering Firewood  Oil on Canvas 30x40  framed

Nine-Eleven  Oil on Canvas 32x26  framed

Martin St Oil on Canv 30x40

The Rose Garden - SOLD  Oil on Canvas 30x24  framed

Bodium Castle - SOLD  Oil on Canvas 32x26  framed

Duck Gas  Oil Wash 18x14

Duck Methodist Church  Oil Wash 18x14   framed

Robert - SOLD  Oil on Canvas 20x16

Karen - SOLD  Oil on Canvas 30x36

Boy with Cap Sienna Wash SOLD

Daoud  Charcoal on Paper 20x16

Ahmad  Charcoal on Paper 20x16

Fouad  Pastel on Paper 20x16

Smiling Girl Oil on Canvas SOLD

Looking for her Keys Ink on Paper -SOLD

Portsmouth Presbyterian Oil Wash 18x24

The Garden Door from Gertrude Jekyl  Oil on canvas

Garden Path: from Gertrude Jekyl  Oil on Canvas

Across th Marsh  Oil on Canvas

New Orleans North Oil Wash 17x20

Heron: Oil on Canvas 25x31

Line Skyline - Raleigh Southern Exposure  Oil Line on Canvas 44x72

Bearded Man Ink on Paper 17x24

Duck Bay  Oil on Canvas 28x22  framed

Deer in Rut-September  Oil on Canvas 32x42  framed

Deer in Rut-October  Oil on Canvas 30x40  framed

Deer in Rut-November  Oil on Canvas 42-32  framed

Deer in Rut-December  Oil on Canvas 32x42  framed

Underseascape Oil on Canvas 25x30